At breeze we truly care about a clean home! Our tile cleaning services are a top choice for our customers. While many continue to provide daily mopping and sweeping of their tiles, this process does not remove the dirt and grime that is slowly settling down in between the grout pores and layer of the tiles.

That’s where Breeze tile cleaning service can come to the rescue, with our experienced technicians and professional equipment we remove all grease, dirt and grime and build up that would otherwise accumulate. We make sure to not only clean but provide disinfecting solutions on tiles to make sure all germs and bacteria are removed, giving your floors a bright, clean and refreshing look. At Breeze we care for our customers health and satisfaction, and that’s exactly what you can expect with our tile cleaning service.

Our Cleaning Method

  1. Our service begins with our technician inspecting your floor to ensure the use of an appropriate cleaning method. They would be looking at the kind of tile used and sections that might require a little extra attention.
  1. The technician would then start your tile and grout cleaning. This begins by scrubbing a balanced cleaning solution between each tile.
  1. Next, we make sure that all floors are properly prepared for our equipment and start the cleaning process with our top of the line machinery.
  1. Finally, after cleaning we provide and final inspection of all services provided, during this time, your tile and grout will be allowed to dry.


With a strong foundation in providing Commercial services, at Breeze we are ready to clean your businesses Tiles & Grout and refresh their look.

Our team uses the same cleaning process for commercial as we do residential. Our cleaning schematics change with an organizations size and tiles and would be ready to provide extensive services with our commercial grade heavy duty equipment.