At Breeze Carpet Cleaning we take pride in our services. Our carpet cleaning service is our bedrock into the residential world. We do not only pride ourselves on our work, we prove it with our customer satisfaction. We have enchased our carpet cleaning process through the better part of a decade to make sure that all our clients get the best carpet cleaning possible.

According to the National Center for Healthy Housing “Carpeting absorbs noise, however, carpets also trap dirt, pet dander, pollen, pesticides, lead-dust, food, moisture, and can harbor pests associated with asthma, such as cockroaches and dust mites.”

We are committed in keeping your home and commercial property healthy and safe. Our proven steam cleaning process helps eliminate all that your carpet may have absorbed. We have proven ourselves in both our commercial and residential customers. We do not only enhance our process but we make sure we provide the best. Our certified staff are trained and experienced in detecting various carpet stains, spots, materials, all of which helps to further determine the best approach to get you a fresh and clean carpet.

“Don’t waste another day, get your Carpets cleaned today”


Our technician reviews an analyze carpeted area

Deep Vacuum

Proper vacuum cleaning using EPA approved equipment


Our treatment is made to assist and remove all dirt that may be trapped in the carpet

Agitation Process

Loosens remaining dirt and helps get rid of excess germs

Steam Cleaning

Hot water injection and extraction process to eliminate all residing bacteria

Final review

We pride ourselves with our work and provide a final review of all work completed

  1. Pre Inspection ( Initial Review): Our technicians are trained to analyze all carpets, during the Pre Inspection process you can expect your technician to review with you what you can expect in the remainder of the process and the current strategy that they will be using to undertake the cleaning.
  2. Pre-Spray Treatment: During this process we continue to further prepare all sections that are going to be cleaned and start preparing it with two parts:
    • Deep Vacuum: Our deep vacuum process differs from the regular vacuum process. Our equipment is made to make sure we do not spread the current dirt and residue trapped in the rugs.
    • Pre-Spray: Our treatment is Eco-Friendly and is proven to assist and remove all dirt that is trapped in the carpet.
  3. Agitation Process: The agitation process helps loosen all the current clinging dirt that reside in the floor. The process does not only make sure we capture all the excess dirt and germs that would otherwise be missed by any other.
  4. Steam Cleaning: Is made to release hot water into your carpet to further release the dirt deep within the fibers, then extract the water and remove the dirt with it.
  5. Final Review: During final review our technician will review the entire carpet and further provide assistance in future carpet care. We strive to make sure all our customers are satisfied with the service.

We take pride to service both residential and commercial clients. With origination in the commercial cleaning industry we continue to excel in the services that made us who we are today.

We are ready to assist our commercial clients regardless of the size, or type of business. We continue to provide the same level of care that is expected of Breeze with our thoroughly worked on carpet cleaning process. For more information on Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Please visit Commercial Carpet Cleaning.